Bayu Amrta Hotel is located at Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java - Indonesia. It is located about 3 - 4 hours drive from Jakarta the capital city of Indonesia and about 5 minutes drive from Presidential Palace (Istana Tenjo Resmi / Istana Kepresidenan). Bayu Amrta Hotel has closed historical value with the first Indonesian President Soekarno. In short, currently land used by Bayu Amrta Hotel was initially owned by a painter and later purchased by President Soekarno for the purpose of exchange terms with the land that he decided to be used as Istana Tenjo Resmi / Presidential Palace.

Consists of 21 rooms with various sizes and room features Bayu Amrta offers unique and excellent services to our guests. In addition, our guests can enjoy direct panoramic view of Indian Ocean, Mountain stretch, Fisherman Village, Japanese Bunkers and many other interesting places.

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